about us

Established in 1980, ΑΩ Exhibitions has a long experience in organizing trade exhibitions. With our first exhibition organized in May of 1982,

ΑΩ Exhibitions has organized more than 100 exhibitions over the last 30 years. With no intention of self-assertion, but with professional pride, our exhibitions have gained not only a good position in the field of exhibition organization but the summit. 

Our Goal

This is why ΑΩ Exhibitions is synonymous of high quality and success guarantee. Since 1982, we continue our forward progress in organizing exhibitions. The strong feeling of responsibility and full attention inspires us to maintain the high quality in the future exhibitions too.

Our goal is ΑΩ Exhibitions to keep on being your first choice in trade exhibitions. 

Our Values

The Last of us
We know that the key of success is diligence. We work hard for the best result and we show our love for what we do in every step we take.
The Last of us
ΑΩ Exhibitions always works to satisfy your demands. Your demands make us seeking ways of corresponding immediately and finding solutions.
The Last of us
Our company meets its commitments. Our high feeling of responsibility guarantees quality and success.
The Last of us
We provide you with high security, in order to work and move simply and safely in the exhibition center. We have a close cooperation with security companies, with experience in exhibitions security, averting possible dangers and helping you with anything you need. The exhibition center is under 24-hour surveillance with CCTV cameras, from the exhibition opening to the close.
The Last of us
Since our first exhibition in 1982, we have as primary goal to give our best to our exhibitions. We have organized more than 100 exhibitions through these 30 years. This experience is our guide for the excellent services we offer. 
The Last of us
We are always there for anything you need. Our presence in the exhibition center is constant, from the preparation of the pavilions and the operation of the exhibition until the close. You can address to us for anything might occurred during the exhibition and we assure you that we do the best to please you.
The Last of us
We are always there for anything you need. Our intension is to handle your demands by showing understanding and trying to find the best solution at anything you need.