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"80th Greek Jewelry Show"
MEC Paiania27-29 September 2024



Admission only for traders 
Our exhibitions are only for traders. 

For your admission, you need to bring with you: 
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Situated in Paiania, Attica, MEC ‘s installations enjoy an exceptional location.

Easily reached via Lavriou Avenue (Nr. 301) as well as via Attica Tollway – ATTIKI ODOS (Exit 17- Kantza junction).

Transport linked by all new motorways, wich allow access in just:


MEC has outdoor parking lots – free of charge – covering a total of 30,000 m2 around the complex.

MEC is conveniently transport linked by all new motorways and city’s main road network such as:

National Motorway ( NEA ODOS P.A.TH.E. ) , HYMETTUS Ring Road , ATTIKI ODOS Tollway 

Attiki Odos

MEC is situated only 1,5 Km from the Exit 17 of Attiki Odos – (Kantza Junction).
Signboards will lead you directly to us.

...driving from Thessaloniki to MEC:

Being on National Motorway NEA ODOS (Athens direction) use Exit 8 to enter ATTIKI ODOS (Metamorfosis junction) and continue to Markopoulo – Airport direction.

After about 10’ drive, use Exit 17 of Attiki Odos (Kantza junction).

...driving from Patras to MEC:

Being on National Motorway NEA ODOS, continue on ATTIKI ODOS (Markopoulo – Airport direction) and use Exit 17 (Kantza junction).

...driving from Airport, Markopoulo to MEC:

Being on Attiki Odos (Elefsina direction) use Exit 17 (Kantza junction).

Hymettous Ring Road

...driving on Hymettous Ring to MEC:

Use Exit Y6 (Glyka Nera) and drive on Lavriou Avenue (Paiania direction) to reach us in 2 Km


Use Exit Y7M and drive on Attiki Odos for about 1’ before using Exit 17 (Kantza junction).

Mesogeion Avenue

... driving on Mesogeion Avenue:

Driving from City Centre to Rafina direction, turn right on Lavriou Avenue (Agia Paraskevi junction) to reach us after 4 Km.

Driving from Rafina to City Centre direction, turn left on Lavriou Avenue (Agia Paraskevi junction) to reach us after 4 Km.

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80th Greek Jewelry Show

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